Ukraine Business Tour in 2019-2020


Ukraine Business Tour in 2019-2020

Greenalpha make a plan for the tour and business meetings on local agricultural and industrial companies.

Experience the attractiveness of Ukraine businesses with inspection of farms, agricultural products processing plants and factories at this tour.

  • If you are interested in importing local crops, agricultural products, or natural resources
  • If you are interested in exporting grocery, processed products machinery, or interested in making a partnership and technical cooperation with Ukrainian companies
  • If you consider business expansion, establishing local subsidiary, or making a plant in Eastern Europe

Tour fee(planned) Tax included 350,000 yen ~ / 1 person

* Tour expenses may fluctuate depending on the airline to be used, the date of departure, the number of participants, airport taxes, amount change of fuel surcharge, etc.

Tour Content

・Finland Air or Lufthansa air, 5 nights 7 days, hotels, meals, transportation included!
Business meeting and party with Ukraine’s management people!
Study of the Ukrainian industry and market, and commerce guidance!
Visit business towns, sightseeing places, factories, farms and companies of Kiev, Ternopil, and Odessa!
Enjoy chocolates, honey, wines and other local specialties!

You can join us in comfort since the tour conductors attend from Japan and local interpreters attend and guide hotels, inspection places, business meeting venue.

Contact: Green Alpha Co., Ltd.
Shatore Sugiura 2F, Hirabari 2-1801, Tempaku-ku, Nagoya-city Japan. Postal code 468-0011
Phone: +81(0)52-804-9111 FAX: +81(0)52-804-9110

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