Monthly Archive June 2018


We are looking for business partners for Human resources · Beauty · Health · EU & Eastern Europe etc. Overseas Businesses

We – Greenalpha – are looking for companies developing talented business such as temporary staffing and paying job placement business, companies developing hairdressing and health food business, companies developing overseas business such as EU and Eastern Europe, as business partners.

We are looking for such companies

  • Companies with products and services with strengths not found in other companies
  • Companies with action power
  • Companies that can respond quickly to changes in the new era
  • Companies that can build trust with us
  • Company ambitious for employee education and skill improvement

We are planning such partnerships

  • Collaborative research and development of products and services
  • Advertisement · publicity · Sales planning and establishment of joint sales office
  • Business exchange meeting
  • Joint study group on management, planning, human resource development, quality control
  • Planning a joint business event

If you are interested in our business partner recruitment, please contact us first.

** Partner Application is here **


Consultations concerning Individual Business Owners’ Troubles

Thank you for visiting our site on Green Alpha.

We are accepting consultations on management concerns for individual business owners and entrepreneurs who have just started business.

【Target person for troubles consultation】
Individual business owners such as restaurants, bars, taverns, beauty salons, hair salons, etc., or entrepreneurs who have just started business

【Example of contents of troubles consultation】
· Consultation about troubles concerning cost reduction of entrepreneurship
· Consultation concerning troubles concerning product planning and advertisement
· Consultation concerning troubles concerning attracting customers and sales
· Consultation on troubles concerning recruitment and development of human resources
· Consultation concerning legal regulation and tax (individual or company)

For Application and Inquiries

Please feel free to consult us first.


Website Renewed

Thank you for visiting our website.

On the subject matter, as part of our business concept, we renewed our website.

From now on, we will strengthen our services such as human resource consulting, sales / advertisement support, management strategy support and so on.

We look forward to working with you.