About Communication Skill Training

Japanese Language Training for Foreigners

We will hold Japanese language training for foreign residents living in the area. First of all, we will hold Japanese lessons, greetings, Japanese rules and manner, business basics.

Business English Lessons

We will hold business English conversation class for Japanese who aim for overseas business. From business etiquette, you will learn English conversation necessary for business such as English writing, negotiation and presentation skills.

If you wish, you can also hold a one-on-one lesson or a small class lesson.

We will respond to various needs, such as those who are considering employment abroad, those who are considering developing overseas business.

Coverage Area

Togo Town, Miyoshi City, Nisshin City, Nagoya City Tenpaku-ku, Toyake City, Toyota City, Nagakute City, Seto City, Kasugai City and their Neighborhood

For Application and Inquiries