Paid Employment Placement Business

We have provided paid employment placement business for companies suffering from human resources by experiences and know-how that we have been engaged in business related to human resources such as temporary staffing, consignment contracting and outsourcing.
We are developing a town-based payment placement business in Nagoya city and its suburbs (Togo Town, Miyoshi City, Nissin City, Toyoake City, Toyota City, Nagakute City, Seto City, Kasugai City).

【What is Paid Employment Placement Business】
An employment placement is defined as Article 4.1 of the Employment Security Law, which means “subject to application for recruitment and job seeking and to establish an employment relationship between job seekers and recruiters.” .

We are looking for job seekers! !

We are looking for candidates seeking regular employment in the following areas / job categories. Please feel free to contact us.

Area: Nagoya City, Togo Town, Miyoshi City, Nisshin City, Toyoake City, Toyota City, Nagakute City, Seto City, Kasugai City
Job Categories:
Sales, general affairs, secretary / receptionist, Market research, system development / programming, sales, professional finance / securities, Design, hairdresser, IT engineer / web designer, Telecommunicator, interpreter · guide, specialist, photographer, Event / Party (Moderator / Talent), Master of Aesthetic / Massage, Mechanical Design

Application Method

Please download / print the following job application form, fill in necessary information, and mail it or bring it to our company.
Application for Job Seeking

Postal address: Shatore Sugiura 2F, Hirabari 2-1801, Tempaku-ku, Nagoya-city Japan. Postal code 468-0011

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