Sales and Ad Support

We grasp the needs of customers related to sales and advertising and Green Alpha will fully support in order to overcome the most difficult subjects.

Such as the difficulties in marketing activities specific to the area, the difficulty in selling, the cost of sales and advertising activities, the market specificity to sell products and services, the unique market needs, the maintenance of branch offices and management costs, Green Alpha will support strict challenges associated with sales and advertising at once!
In addition, we will support not only as mere sales representatives or advertising agencies, but also as full service professional from sales planning to domestic and overseas sales promotion strategies and examination of franchising.

1. Quickly plan to open sales offices, optimum personnel and equipment according to the needs of companies
2. Reduce the cost of operating / maintaining sales offices, personnel / labor management, and sales recruitment / training
3. Understand the needs in a timely manner with market tight survey on the site
4. Propose risk avoidance due to sales fluctuation etc.

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