about Svarog

Svarog is expanding agriculture mainly in Khmelnytskyi Oblast. They create wheat, soybean, and sugar beet etc. in 80000 hectares of land.

Svarog is currently promoting the organic crop production.

– Non-GMO soybeans
Obtain organic certificate of Switzerland. Expand soybean fields to 35,000 hectares.

– Spelt
The spelt is a kind of ancient wheat that almost no artificial breed improvements are made. It is said that it causes less wheat allergies, and is expected as a health hood mainly in Europe.

– Other products – Apples, milk, dairy products, beef etc.

Business meeting with and inspection tour at Svarog:
Why don’t you witness Svarog’s performance by your eyes?
Visit Ukraine and you can do business meeting with and inspection tour at Svarog to see their fields and equipments etc.

Other Ukraine Business
Besides soybean and wheat of Svarog, we can set business meeting with other farmers who creates honey or other products, or various companies of Khmelnytskyi Oblast (both industrial and commercial).

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