Business Inspection Tour in Ukraine

– Ahead of the Curve! –

Trade resources, food, agricultural, machinery, and advance in local!
Open your eyes and find the attractiveness of the Ukraine businesses!!

Precious Information!
Unprecedented Speed!

– To expand business to Eastern Europe and former Soviet countries.
– For those who are interested in importing resources, wine, honey, woods.
– For those who want to export foods, machines, parts etc.
– For those who are interested in Ukraine’s real estate investment, corporate acquisitions etc.
– Inspecting business cities (Ternopil, Cherkassy, Rivne and other main cities)

Join us in this opportunity. You will find significant business hints!

Pickup Cities

Kiev: The largest city and the capital of Ukraine. Economic and political center of Ukraine with approximately 2.8 million population, and leading international city of eastern Europe. It is also the ancient city with a history of more than 1500 years, there are many sightseeing places.
Zhytomyr: It is located in the western center of Ukraine and has a population of approximately 270,000 people. Region where plentiful natural resources are abundant and agriculture is active.
Lviv: It is located in western Ukraine and has a population of about 730,000. It is famous for the historical district which is near the Polish border and registered as a World Heritage Site.
Ternopil: City of western Ukraine. A population of about 220,000, it is a key point of transportation of western Ukraine.
Odessa: Port city of southern Ukraine. Odessa plays an important role as a hub of trade and logistics facing the Black Sea. One million inhabitants. Also known as a city of culture and the arts.
Cherkassy: City located in central Ukraine. Approximately 290,000 people. Industry has been strengthened during the Soviet era, but plants tend to decrease after independence.

Tour Contents

Date/Hour: Contact us with your preferred date and time. We will adjust later.
Min departs personnel: 3 persons
Visit Style: From Chubu International airport, via major cities in Europe
Tour period: 5 nights 7 days
Tour includes (can add or change by request):
– Social gathering and business talk with managements in Ukraine
– Guidance of commerce and study sessions of Ukraine industries and market
– Inspection business district, tourist destinations, and the development area.

Tour fee from 350,000 to 550,000 JPY per person *
* Hotels, all meals, transportation fees included
* Full attendant from Japan, and local interpreters will be provided
* Local Ukrainian interpreters will interpret English and Ukrainian.
* The tour fee can be changed. Please contact for correct fees.

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