Capital Kiev – Ukraine Report

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, and is the center of business as well as of history and tourism.

There are medieval European-style buildings and modern high-rise buildings in downtown Kiev. In Kiev, you can feel the power of business as well as the historic mood.
The road in front of the hotel was hugely congested in the morning and in the evening. Many floors of office buildings were lightened until late in the evening.

In the center of the Kiev, the store of Spanish fashion brand “Zara” was open and popular. Also signboard of “Samsung” of consumer electronics was conspicuous large. We often see Korean and Japanese cars as well as European cars on the road. It seems SUVs are popular.

In the market of Kiev, a lot of groceries were sold. I didn’t understand what the salespeople say, but could hear “caviar” or “ikra”. According to local staff, raw hams were recommended in the market.

There is also a normal supermarket. Japanese ingredients also had been sold a little.

This time, we had been guided by the professional tour guide Lenya.
She described the history, architectural style of buildings, and the values of the era in fluent English. She not only has language skills and wide range of historical knowledge, but also talks in the way that we are interested.

Here, we introduce the Kiev recommended places.

1. Motherland Monument (Mother of Ukraine)
It is a huge statue built during the Soviet era. At 1st and 2nd floors of the feet of the statue, there is the museum of the history of Ukraine in the second world war.

2. Saint Sophia’s Cathedral
It is one of the most important places in Eastern Europe Christianity. Visit there when you go to Kiev.

3. National Opera of Ukraine
Here you can enjoy the theater, such as ballet, opera. Do taste the Renaissance style atmosphere.
URL: Нац?ональна опера Укра?ни

4. Ukirainian village

There is “Ukrainian village” around 15km west out of the Kiev city. Here is a theme park that reproduces the traditional life of Ukraine. You can see folk costumes, old houses and the lifestyle there.

In addition, there is a workshop to make Ukrainian traditional instrument Bandura by hand, and ceramic art house. You can enjoy the ceramic art or Bandura music.