Business Support in Ukraine

We – Green Alpha – provide various support services to the client companies that are planning to expand into overseas.
Especially, we reinforce services to the companies who investigate to expand into Ukraine.

Service Objective
Support companies operating in Ukraine by sales, human resource development and customer satisfaction activities.

Business support services to accelerate Ukraine businesses, and reduce business risks.

Services (ask us for each expense)
– Translation service: Translation service of catalogs, manuals etc. (English, Russian, Ukrainian)

– Website Creating Service: Website creating service in English, Russian, and Ukrainian

– Overseas Advertising Service: Advertising service for Ukraine.

– Marketing Research Service: Survey such as market research and consumers monitoring.

– Local Sales Support:  Support for local sales activities.

– Local Incorporation Support: Support of various procedures concerning the establishment of local companies, tax planning assistance.

– Local Employment and Training Support: Recruitment, employment contracts, training and education support. Labor-management troubleshooting.

– Claim/Legal Actions Support: Support for legal actions and claims in local. Introduction of consultants and lawyers.

– Volunteer Activities Support:  Volunteer activities, environment activities, humanitarian assistance activities etc.

– Accounting, customs clearance and logistics support: Tax accounting, logistics support arrangements and local customs clearance

– Plant establishing support: Research plant location, application procedures, launch set-up, and support for the logistics

– Technology cooperation support: Support clients to cooperate in technology and exchange with Universities or companies in Ukraine.