Corporate Vision

– Human, Intelligence, and Action –

The recent technology improvements are eye opening,
but after all, the core of the company is human. Creativity, the acting power of human, and their dream move the company.
We will build close relationship with customers through talented people, and will grow together.
This is our philosophy.

Benefits to Request Green Alpha
1. We provide various business information to companies as Green Alpha
2. Taking advantage of the company’s strengths, we compensate for weaknesses and support the areas we are in trouble
3. We will increase sales of companies and secure profits
4. We will propose cost savings for each division and each business
5. In particular, we will propose the optimum utilization of human resources in the company’s personnel department
6. We will propose the best welfare benefits for each company

Work Force, Man Power
While the technology has evolved in modern times, all companies and societies are made up of “individuals” of each and every one.
We stick to “individuals”, we want to broaden the contribution of society by extending the possibilities of people themselves and growing human capabilities.